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How to Organize Your Laundry Room

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You may be pressed for space in your laundry room, but that doesn’t mean you should feel limited.

If you do a lot of laundry, consider installing a drying rack or adding a folding center to make it easier to get things done quickly. And if you don’t have access to an outdoors area, try creating an ironing station that uses vertical space, so everything stays out of sight until it’s time for your next date night.

Organizing Your Laundry Room

But there are plenty of other ways to make your laundry room feel organized. Here are just a few to help get you started.

Take Inventory

Take a look at what you have and make a list of things that need to be disposed of. Make a list of things you need to buy or repair. This includes new hampers and baskets, laundry soap, dryer sheets, stain remover, and anything else specific to your needs. If there is something specific on your “to buy” list when you start organizing, write it down so you remember later when you’re shopping.

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Design Your Space to Fit Your Needs

To make your laundry room the best it can be, you'll want to design it around your needs.

The most important thing in any laundry room is storage. You need space for all your cleaning supplies, laundry, and anything else you would use on a daily basis. This includes baskets, drawers, and shelves. Look for tall cabinets with glass doors that let you see what's inside without having to open them up every time.

Where will you fold your clothes? How will they be sorted? If you have a lot of clothes that need washing, consider adding another washer/dryer to help get them done faster. A folding table or drying rack tucked into an unused corner is also helpful if you don't have much floor space available.

Use Vertical Space

Shelves and cabinets can help you make good use of the vertical space in your laundry room. You can store baskets, hampers, cleaning supplies and other items on them.

Hooks are another great way to use vertical space because they hang from the ceiling or wall for easy access. This is a perfect place for storing mops, brooms and other long-handled cleaning tools that would normally take up floor space if placed on the ground.

Hanging baskets are also a great way to organize small items such as socks and undies. They're also useful for holding things like hand towels and washcloths if you don't have room for a towel rack in your laundry room (or if you want them out of sight).

Install a Drying Rack

A drying rack is a versatile, multipurpose tool. You can install it on the wall or floor of your laundry room and use it to dry clothes, towels, and linens. Make sure the rack is easily accessible by placing it near the washing machine but not directly underneath any pipes or vents.

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Create a Folding Space

The first step to creating a folding center is to determine what you'll be folding. The next thing to consider is how big you want it to be.

Once these steps have been considered, think about what materials would work best in terms of sturdiness and durability: wood or metal frames are good choices since they're sturdy but still lightweight enough not impede movement when working with larger items such as bedding sets.

Get the Most Out of Your Laundry Room

It's time to get the most out of your laundry room. It's a place for clean clothes, but it also serves as an important part of home organization and efficiency. By creating more storage space, better access, and workable systems in the laundry room, you'll be able to make sure that everything gets done and stays organized. If you’re looking for a laundry room makeover, look no further, we are here to help!

Contact Ryan A. Jones and Associates today to help bring your vision to life and create a perfect laundry room that meets all your needs.


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