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How to Create the Perfect Accent Walls for Your Home

Every home is unique and showcases its owner’s personalities. Accent walls are an extremely flexible design technique that can help capture yours.

There is an unlimited amount of colors, materials, and design options available to accent any wall in your home.

According to recent data from Houzz,

“With neutral color palettes popular in updated bathrooms, renovating homeowners employ other methods to help their accent walls stand out. Surface material is the most common choice for distinguishing an accent wall (51%), up seven percent from last year. Other features that help the walls pop include color (45%), pattern (41%) and texture (28%). Accent walls are slightly more common outside the shower area (19% in 2020, up from 15% in 2019), than inside the shower area (18%).”

5 Ways to Create the Perfect Accent Walls

Try one or all of these five ways to create the perfect accent walls in your home.

#1 Make It a Focal Point

Oftentimes, a room can seem like it is never-ending, especially rooms with higher ceilings. By creating an accent wall, you can create a focal point that helps break up the endless space of a room.

#2 Create a Mural Wall

Accent walls do not have to be monochromatic or symmetrical. You can create a beautiful mural that makes your wall really pop and adds a touch of whimsy.

Since most people aren’t expert painters or muralists, you can opt for a unique wall mural design constructed of easy-to-use vinyl decals. Some are even removable to ensure the exact placement on your walls.

#3 Design a Geometric Statement

Geometry is not just applied in mathematics, but can be utilized for your accent walls, too. Designing a geometric accent wall is a unique way to add dimension to any space. This style has a way of truly elevating the room with a modern pop and feel.

#4 Texturize It

By accenting a wall with texture, you are able to appeal to more than just your visual senses. Using a material or texture, like wood, brick, or stone, can help increase the aesthetics and visual interest in the room.

#5 Segment Your Spaces

As more and more floorplans transition into open concepts, it can be challenging to segment off each space. However, accent walls are a unique way to visually separate each room.

Designing Homes That Capture Your Personal Style

Creating the perfect accent walls for your home is a popular and versatile technique to make any space pop with your personality and style.

As builders and renovators of luxury homes, we understand how important it is to truly capture your aesthetics along with functionality in your home.

Contact us today to learn how we can work with you to capture and interpret your unique vision.


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