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Choosing the Best Outdoor Kitchen Layout

outdoor kitchen layouts

There are a slew of possibilities when designing the perfect outdoor spaces for your home, including your outdoor kitchen. Perhaps you just bought a home and creating an outdoor kitchen to use this summer is priority number one, or maybe you have been dreaming about having one for years now.

Maybe you’ve already started deciding which features and amenities are a must-have and which ones you may want to leave out. However, the first thing you should consider is the space, which will help determine the optimal outdoor kitchen layout for your home.

What’s the Best Outdoor Kitchen Layout for Your Space?

The best summer kitchen layout will often be determined by the amount of space you have or plan to create for it.

Keep in mind the main functions of a kitchen, such as food prepping, cooking, serving, cleaning up, and entertaining. You should also consider how many people will be cooking and prepping in your outdoor kitchen so you can create ample space to easily move around.

As a general rule of thumb, L or U-shaped outdoor kitchen layouts are ideal for larger spaces while linear layouts or islands are more ideal for smaller yards and patios.

5 Popular Outdoor Kitchen Layouts

outdoor grilling vero beach

Outdoor kitchen layouts are similar to indoor kitchen layouts. However, there are a few differences, like being outside, number of available square feet, and being void of walls that define the space, which means your layout choice will have to help with that.

The following are five popular layouts you should consider for your outdoor kitchen.

#1: The Linear Layout

The linear layout is essentially one long counter (usually along a wall or fence) where your prepping, grilling, and serving will take place.

This shape is ideal for smaller spaces and one cook at a time, for optimal comfort. If you want a little more space, you might want to add a peninsula to one side of the counter.

outdoor kitchen vero beach

#2: The BBQ Island Layout

Kitchen islands are a highly sought-after design element for indoor and outdoor kitchens. This layout allows the cook and food prepper to easily engage with family and friends while working. This layout also allows for ample storage and counter space.

#3: The Galley Layout

The galley layout is comprised of two countertops that run parallel to each other for extra workspace, and it offers enough room for more than one cook in the kitchen. It also creates a great space to seat your family and guests.

#4: The L-Shaped Layout

L-shaped outdoor kitchen layouts are designed to be flexible. You can spread out your workspace, as you will have two sides to work with, so one could be a bar or eating counter and the other could be your prepping and grilling station.

#5: The U-Shaped Layout

This is arguably the most efficient layout for kitchens because it provides ample space for all your kitchen needs (food prepping, cooking, storing, entertaining, serving, etc.). If you want a well-defined outdoor kitchen space, then the U-shaped layout is your ideal design.

Designing the Outdoor Kitchen of Your Dreams

Outdoor entertaining is almost a necessity for every Florida home, and you want to ensure that your outdoor kitchen layout fits your space and meets your needs.

At Ryan A. Jones & Associates, we understand how essential it is to enjoy every part of your home, inside and out. Contact us today to see how we can capture your unique vision and build you the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.


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