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6 Countertop Materials to Complete Your Coastal Kitchen

coastal kitchen countertops

From layout to appliances, your kitchen should be designed to meet all your needs. But that does not mean you have to sacrifice style. Your countertops bear the brunt of the action that goes on in your kitchen including food prepping, cooking, snacking, and more.

That is why you should choose a quality material that is both functional and stylish to complete your coastal kitchen design.

6 Coastal Kitchen Countertop Materials

countertop materials

The ideal coastal kitchen design will draw from ocean elements and soft hues to foster a gentle and soothing ambiance. The following are several popular countertop materials to help complete your coastal kitchen design.

#1: Granite

This material will not only make your kitchen feel more elegant, but granite countertops also tend to increase your home’s value. It’s a popular choice among homeowners because it is practically maintenance-free while being strong and durable and resistant to heat. It is also available in over 3,000 styles to complement any kitchen’s design.

granite countertops

#2: Marble

Marble has entirely unique veining on every slab, making it challenging to perfectly match each counter if you need multiple slabs. This is often one of the reasons why homeowners will choose to accentuate a part of their kitchen with it, such as an island. While this coastal kitchen countertop material is water and heat-proof, it is susceptible to staining and scratching.

marble countertops

#3: Quartz

Unlike marble and granite, quartz is an engineered stone which makes it more adaptable and oftentimes better performing, as it is a nonporous surface resistant to staining and scratching. Like granite, there is a vast range of color options you can choose from to perfectly complement your coastal design.

quartz countertops

#4: Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile countertops can make any kitchen look unique and offer many benefits, like being easy to clean and resistant to heat damage from hot pots and pans. There are several design options you can choose from if you decide ceramic tiles are the best choice for your kitchen’s design and functionality.

#5: Butcher Block

Warm-up your kitchen’s coastal look with a butcher block countertop. With a variety of colors, finishes and easy maintenance, wood countertops are an ideal choice to bring a quaint and cozy feel to your coastal kitchen.

butcher block countertops

#6: Concrete

Concrete is a unique countertop surface which is typically cast and made in your kitchen, due to its weight. This countertop surface can add a polished, sophisticated look to your space and offers a variety of textures or acid stains to create a splash of color.

Helping You Complete Your Coastal Kitchen

From the layout to the countertops, your coastal kitchen should look and function exactly how you dream. At Ryan A. Jones & Associates, our expertise as luxury home builders and renovators has allowed us to provide countless homeowners with unparalleled construction services.

Contact us today for a consultation, and let’s discuss how we can help you create the home of your dreams.


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