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5 Tips for a Calm & Serene Home

serene bedroom

Your home should be your sanctuary…where you feel safe and refreshed after a busy day. Creating serenity in each room is about much more than choosing a particular style or aesthetic. Having that cozy couch you love napping on is a start, but the way a room looks, functions, and even how it is maintained can either create a sense of calm or add to feelings of stress and anxiety.

There are a few simple steps you can take to add a peaceful balance to your home.

#1 Choose Simplicity

It is difficult to feel tranquil in the midst of clutter and cramped quarters. When your home is crowded or disorganized, it can be distracting and even make rooms appear smaller in addition to impeding your ability to relax.

Before taking any other steps, choose simplicity by weeding out unnecessary items that no longer serve you. Consider the help of a professional organizer or cleaning service.

#2 Choose subdued colors

Color plays an essential role in design and can have a profound influence on mood or even energy levels. It is important to choose the right color palette for the serenity you hope to achieve. For example, soft colors such as pale blues and greens are calming and may be ideal for a bedroom or primary bath. A serene entryway or living room can be accomplished with neutral colors combined with hints of soft pastels.

You can easily change a room’s overall ambiance by changing the wall color or by swapping out bedding, pillows, or other accessories for items with a softer palette.

calm living room

#3 Soften Your Lighting

Because lighting varies in warmth and brightness, it's not surprising that it can affect mood, much like color. For example, bright lighting with a blue tint can increase alertness and can be helpful in areas where tasks are performed. Lighting that mimics natural sunlight can improve mood and add to feelings of relaxation.

In addition to changing the bulbs in your light fixtures, you can also utilize dimmer switches to soften the lighting in your spaces.

#4 Utilize Natural Elements

Bringing natural elements into your home can instantly provide a sense of calm. Plants and flowers that are visually and aromatically pleasing can be a simple step to increase the serenity in a room. Utilizing textured elements such as blankets and lamp shades, pillows, art, and accessories are also simple ways to bring natural and calming elements to your space.

vero beach bedroom

#5 Prioritize Comfort

It may seem obvious, but to have a calm and serene environment, it should be noted that comfort should be at the top of the priority list. Make sure you touch and test your furniture before committing to large purchases. Instead of buying furniture online, try visiting furniture stores in person so that you can sit on that couch you think will look perfect in your living room. Can you picture yourself curled up on it while reading a good book on a rainy day?

Be sure to incorporate different fabrics and textures throughout your home. Add plush pillows and create layers with soft throw blankets or faux fur rugs to soften each space. Include accessories that will not only look good from a design perspective but will also add to the overall comfort of your home.

vero beach living room

Creating a Calm & Serene Home

Creating a calm and serene home can range from the simple elements we’ve discussed here to larger scale upgrades or renovations. At Ryan A. Jones & Associates, we design Vero Beach homes that capture your unique vision, specializing in a full range of renovation and construction services. Contact us today if you are ready to create your serene dream space.


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