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4 Common Home Building Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Purchasing a new build or existing property presents the potentially frustrating task of finding a home that suits all your wants and needs, without allowing you any input into the building process. However, building your own home allows you to hire the contractors that best suit your needs, while participating in the entirety of the building process.

This gives you access to voice your desires for your dream home, gather input from professionals, and work together with a team of experts to make your ideal home come to life.

Avoid These 4 Common Home Building Mistakes

For first-time builders, this process can be intimidating, and some individuals may not know where to begin. To best assist you, we have provided a few common mistakes to avoid when building your home.

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#1 Choosing a Poor Location

The most important decision in building your new home is determining a location. Some individuals may feel the need to compromise on this, since the location of the lot can impact the cost of the overall build, permit requirements, and access to the best building companies. Before deciding on a location for your new build, take time to research factors such as:

  • School districts

  • Crime statistics

  • Flood plains

  • Proximity to airports or train tracks

  • Busy streets

  • Neighborhood watch programs

  • Permit requirements

  • Local construction options

Not only will these factors determine your quality of living, but they will also affect the resale value of the home. Ensure that your location will result in an enjoyable stay for your family, while also increasing the resale value of your home in the future.

#2 Not Researching Builders

In most areas, including Vero Beach there are a plethora of builders to choose from. The builder you choose to partner with will determine the ease of the process, and whether your vision becomes reality…or not.

Working with the wrong builder can ruin the overall process for you and your family. Take the time to learn about multiple builders, ask for references, take advantage of online reviews, research builder portfolios, and consider builders with whom friends or family have had excellent experiences. If the builder is not capable of building your style of home or of meeting your vision, it is best to consider an alternative builder for your project.

#3 Missing the Inspection

Once the build is complete, you may be tempted to skip the inspection and rush the move-in process. However, this can leave you exposed to potential issues with your home. Without a third-party inspection, issues may arise that could’ve been avoided. An inspector ensures that everything that needs to be corrected is identified, and your builder will assist you in fixing these problems before your move-in date.

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#4 Neglecting to Plan for Delays

In many scenarios, people are on a tight schedule and expect a certain move-in date. But if your schedule is too tight, and you do not reasonably plan for delays, you may find yourself without a home for weeks or months.

Building delays occur for a number of reasons, including weather, part orders or equipment delays, and missing building permits. These issues are fairly common for any build, so it is best to plan accordingly. Ensure that you are able to stay in your current residence for an extended period of time, in case necessary delays occur with your new home.

Looking to Build?

Are you interested in building your dream home, but not sure where to begin? We would love to work alongside you to bring your vision to life.

At Ryan A. Jones, we have over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and specialize in building high-end homes in Vero Beach, Florida. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation to discuss building your dream home, call us at (772) 569-3900, or click here.


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