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3 Must-Have Design Elements for Your Custom Kitchen

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While every home is unique, the kitchen tends to consistently be the most used and lived-in space. A kitchen should incorporate highly functional, stylish, and efficient designs that complement your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

What must-have designs should your custom kitchen include?

3 Designs to Incorporate in Your Custom Kitchen

Your kitchen’s design should reflect your lifestyle and personality, whether that is adding hints of calm and cool colors or pops of color and bold statement pieces. However, there are a few more key elements to include, such as clearly defining each space and having ample storage.

The following are three more design elements to incorporate into your custom kitchen.

1. Ample, comfortable seating options

Having ample seating available is a must for any kitchen, as it tends to be the entertaining hub of the house and an overall multi-purpose space. It is equally important that you choose seating options that are comfortable, too.

Incorporating an island or a peninsula into your kitchen’s design can easily add extra seating options. You may even want to consider having your builder include a breakfast nook with booth seating.

white kitchen

2. Plenty of pantry space

In line with creating ample storage space is adding plenty of pantry space. Instead of just a wall with shelves for a pantry, you may want to consider a walk-in or butler’s pantry. Having a bigger pantry allows you to have space to store your smaller appliances and free up some counter space.

3. Perfecting the ambiance and setting the right mood

Whether you prefer a naturally light and bright space or a cozy and warm atmosphere, there are several ways you can create the perfect ambiance.

Layered lighting is one of the best ways to foster the perfect ambiance when you are entertaining or cooking. Installing ceiling speakers is also a great way to help set the mood with appropriate background music.

The layout of your kitchen is also very important to creating the right ambiance. If you frequently entertain, an open layout is essential to your kitchen design. You should consult with your custom home builder to help you design your kitchen to meet all your unique needs.

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Find a Custom Builder to Help Design Your Custom Kitchen

There are several design elements to consider when building your custom home and especially, your kitchen. An experienced builder can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

At Ryan A. Jones and Associates, we have over 20 years of high-end construction experience in Vero Beach. Our team specializes in a full range of renovation and construction services and customized, high-end estate management. Contact us today to learn how we can help bring your dream home to life.


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