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Top Bedroom Trends in 2022

vero beach bedroom

Your home, and especially your bedroom, should be a space that allows you to unwind and relax. While it is not the heart of your home and isn’t used for entertaining or daily living, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house for seeking solitude and rest.

Bedrooms are an intimate reflection of who you are and should be a sanctuary that functions and feels like you. Current trends can allow you to create a space that is functional, environmentally favorable, and designed to be your own special retreat.

Here are a few trends to create the perfect bedroom haven in 2022.

#1 Focus on Comfort

Aesthetics certainly matter, but it is evident that comfort is a leading trend this year. Choosing soft surfaces, comfy cushions, and plush textures are easy ways to achieve comfort. Adding layers to the bed with plush throws and cozy pillows can immediately increase the comfort level to make you feel relaxed after a long day.

Comfort can also be achieved in the form of the familiar. Filling your room with personal treasures, photos, artwork, and favorite scents brings an additional element of warmth and relaxation to your space. Incorporate your favorite things into the design of your bedroom.

vero beach primary bedroom

#2 Use Texture and Natural Materials

The use of natural textures and sustainably sourced materials are popular choices for bedroom design this year. Fabrics like linen and organic cotton are ideal choices for bedding, while rattan, wood, or wicker creates a natural feel for furniture.

Consider simple additions such as adding a wicker chair in the corner of your bedroom or a rattan bench at the foot of your bed to incorporate the trend of using natural materials. Selecting boxes and baskets made of natural materials can also serve as beautiful natural accents in the bedroom in addition to providing extra storage and function.

modern coastal bedroom

#3 Bring the Outdoors In

Think of nature while decorating your bedroom space and bring the outdoors in. Choose calm colors and shades inspired by earthy hues. Utilize potted plants to brighten your bedroom and to bring in the outdoors. Explore the use of botanical prints when choosing accent pillows, draperies, or throws. In addition to being fresh and inviting, the botanical trend is a simple way to add character and fresh energy to your bedroom.

#4 Add Seating

By creating seating areas, you can enhance the versatility of your bedroom. The bedroom is a retreat for relaxing and winding down, and it is also a space to sit and read or meditate. The key to the addition of seating is to keep relaxation top-of-mind. Gravitate towards cozy cushions or reclining chairs when incorporating seating into your space.

bedroom seating area

#5 Show Your Personality with a Statement Headboard

Headboards are taking center stage this year with bold, large shapes, and patterned fabrics. It’s all about creating a design statement with a headboard that demands attention. Headboards can be traditional with straight lines and neutral tones, or they can be curved designs painted in bold colors. Choose a headboard that allows you to show your personality while being comfortable and practical at the same time.

Designing Custom Bedrooms for Your Home

Ryan A. Jones & Associates specializes in customized, high-end renovation and construction services as well as estate management. With over twenty years of high-end construction experience in Vero Beach, we can help design the perfect custom bedroom for you. Contact us today for a consultation.


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