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Top 5 Architectural Styles for Vero Beach Homes

florida home on the water

Cultures, climates, and artists have influenced a variety of architectural styles. While there are dozens of designs and even a few adaptations of the classics, Vero Beach homes often adopt more coastal architectural designs.

Whether you are renovating, adding on, or building your home from the ground up, knowing the architectural design of your Vero Beach home can shape many other design and material selections for your build. Some architectural styles can even blend seamlessly together, creating an authentic design that suits your aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

5 Architectural Styles for Your Vero Beach Home

Though there are many architectural styles to choose from, the following are the top five designs for Vero Beach homes.

#1: Contemporary Architectural Styles

Though modern and contemporary styles are often conflated, they are different because contemporary architectural styles will capture the culture and design trends of the current time, whereas modern refers to an era that has passed. However, both styles do tend to connect indoors and outdoors.

Contemporary design features will emphasize simplicity, energy efficiency, sustainability, and ample natural light.

A few of the more current contemporary features include lots of glass, open floor plans, exposed roof beams, flat or low-pitched roofs, and contrasting exterior materials and textures.

#2: Federal Colonial Architectural Styles

Federal Colonial home

Federal Colonial architectural styles aim to replicate Roman classicism and, unlike the traditional colonial style, you will often find this architectural design style to have additional wings off each side of the colonial box shaped home.

Because Florida homes aren’t typically made of brick, this architectural style tends to foster a more authentic curb appeal and exude wealth from its elaborate details of tall columns and grand curved steps up the entryway.

Another typical design feature of this architectural style is the elliptical or fan shaped window above the front door and long rectangular windows on both sides of the front door.

#3: French Provincial Architectural Styles

French provincial’s decorative appeal and romantic touches were adopted by American architects after World War I.

These homes often feature symmetrical proportions, steep roofs, narrow windows paired with shutters, stucco walls, and a half-timbered frame, which are all complemented by an ornate landscape design to capture an authentic country-esque feel.

#4: Mediterranean Architectural Styles

Mediterranean home

The Mediterranean architectural style is popular in Vero Beach home design, as it is complementary to coastal designs.

These homes will often feature original design elements such as low-pitched red tile roofs, arches, plastered surfaces, porticos, balconies, large wooden doors and multicolored tiles.

Mediterranean homes adopt a U-shaped floor plan that centers around a courtyard, fountain, or any complementary outdoor feature.

#5: Mid-Century Modern Architectural Styles

Mid-century modern homes are the epitome of new and forward-thinking ideas. Common characteristics of these home designs include flat planes, large windows, and open spaces paired with simplicity and seamless integrations of nature.

This style incorporates as many outdoor elements as possible to foster a connection with nature. This can be accomplished with oversized windows and a coastline view. This is a widely popular architectural style for Vero Beach homes.

Design the Perfect Architectural Style for Your Home

There are several architectural styles to choose from when renovating or designing the home of your dreams. You may even choose a few styles that can seamlessly work together to create aesthetically pleasing spaces unique to your personal style.

Each style has its own history rooted in culture and best suited for various climates. At Ryan A. Jones & Associates, we understand how important your home is to you. Our expertise as builders and renovators of luxury homes provides you with the services and knowledge necessary for the successful planning, designing, permitting, construction, and ongoing estate management of your home.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you design and build your dream home.


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