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Ring In the New Year with These 5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

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The new year tends to inspire new beginnings and transformations, such as renovating a few areas of your home to add more function, aesthetic appeal, and even improve your home’s value.

Your home is your safe haven, which is why it not only makes sense but is valuable to continually improve it, especially if you plan to put it on the market in the next few years. Adding value to your home can mean making it more functional and attuned to your comfort, lifestyle, and design preferences.

Home renovations may be a part of your new year's resolutions or on your list of priorities, but you may be wondering which ones you should tackle first or will add the most value to your home.

5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

The good news is that there is an unending list of ways to increase the value of your home, and not all of them are as time-consuming as you might imagine. The following are five popular ways to add value to your home this year.

#1: Upgrade Your Finishes & Technology

smart home tech

Sometimes it really is the little touches that make all the difference, such as the finishes and technology of a home. Whether you plan to sell in the coming few years or not, you can easily transform the feel and function of your home by upgrading these two attributes within yours.

This could mean installing all stainless steel appliances, upgrading to a high-quality countertop such as marble or quartzite, or changing out your older door knobs for modern brushed nickel selections.

Smart home technology is also beneficial in the short and long term because it has a way of making the little things much more functional in life. This could be as simple as upgrading to a smart thermostat, garage door opener, lighting installations, and front door locks that you can remotely control from your phone.

#2: Kitchen Renovation


You have likely heard it before that the kitchen is the heart of a home. Renovating this room is one of the best ways you can boost the value of your home, which is why a kitchen renovation makes our list in the top five ways you can add value to your home.

Here are a few ideas for what to update in your kitchen:

  • The layout

  • The cabinets and cupboards

  • The countertops

  • The flooring

  • The lighting

  • The appliances

#3: Landscaping

People are spending more time outdoors and enjoy seeing a beautiful landscape through their windows and glass doors.

Whether you choose to hire a landscaper or gardener or opt to spruce up your yard yourself in your free time, updating your landscaping can add value to your home. Consider paving, installing a deck, and adding a water feature.

#4: Storage Solutions

storage solutions

Homes can never have enough storage, and it is a highly sought after and value-added feature. The key is to find smart storage solutions so that your guest rooms don’t become the catch-all rooms. Plus, it is a great way to help keep your home organized, which means a more calming ambiance where you can truly enjoy your home.

Opt for multipurpose furniture, such as a coffee table with storage space, or you may even want to consider expanding or building an attic.

#5: Increase Your Square Footage

Finding ways to increase your home’s square footage can add value to your home. Whether you build out an unfinished room or choose to add onto your home’s footprint by building a bonus room, you are adding livable square feet, which is a major contributing factor in home price.

Start Adding Value to Your Home

Adding value to your home does not always equate to a laborious timetable. There are several ways you can add value to your home while making it a more functional and aesthetically pleasing space for you and your family.

A professional builder can help guide and manage your renovations from start to finish. At Ryan A. Jones & Associates, we have over 20 years of high-end construction experience in Vero Beach and specialize in customized, high-end estate management in addition to a full range of renovation and construction services. Contact us today to learn how we can help add value to your home.


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