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How to Make Your Bathroom Brighter & Breezier

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Your bathroom is one of the places you spend quite a bit of time in when you're home. It can also be one of the smallest spaces in your house.

Tips to Create a Brighter & Breezier Bathroom

If you want to make sure that your bathroom is bright and breezy, here's how to do it.

#1 Paint the Walls

You can make your bathroom brighter just by painting the walls. The best colors to choose are those that are light and warm, such as white, beige, or cream. Avoid dark colors, as they tend to make a room appear smaller and darker.

Instead, choose a color that makes you happy—it's important to feel good about all the spaces in your home. If you're not sure what color would work best for your space and personality, consider choosing one that helps you feel relaxed.

#2 Add Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the easiest ways to make a small bathroom appear larger and brighter. Mirrors reflect light, making a room seem brighter and bigger than it is. They can also create the illusion of more space by reflecting parallel walls into each other, making them appear farther away than they are.

When choosing mirrors for your bathroom, think about your style preferences and how much natural light you want in the space. If you prefer darker tones like black or brown that aren’t very reflective, choose one with a matte finish so as not to interfere with the overall look of your décor. On the other hand, if white or silver is more up your alley (or if there isn’t much natural light coming in), opt for something shiny so that when light does seep through windows, it bounces off these surfaces instead of being absorbed into darker colors around them.

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#3 Use Light-Colored Countertops

You can lighten up the space in your bathroom by making sure that the countertops are light-colored. A white or light gray countertop will make your bathroom feel more inviting, but if you want to go even further, consider finding a backsplash and cabinets in a similar shade. L

#4 Let in Natural Light

The most obvious way to make your bathroom brighter is to let in more natural light. If you have windows, open them and let the sunshine in. If you don’t, consider installing a window that looks out onto a garden or other outdoor space.

If adding a window is not an option, try placing lamps around your bathroom that will emit even illumination across all surfaces to reduce shadows and create brightness throughout the space (think ceiling lights placed at different heights).

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#5 Focus on The Floors

You can use the same principles in your bathroom as you would in any room: make it brighter and breezier by focusing on the floors. Use light-colored flooring or add a bright rug to brighten up the room.

Choose rugs with patterns to make your bathroom feel larger than it actually is, while also adding color and interest to the room. There are many different types of rugs available that can fit well into any space—from handwoven cotton rag rugs to modern geometric designs made from cork or recycled materials like tires or plastic bottles. The best part about these styles is that they’re both soft underfoot (important for bathrooms) and durable enough for high traffic areas.

Designing Your Bright and Breezy Bathroom

We hope these tips help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams. Don’t forget that sometimes, simply changing one thing can make a huge difference—like painting the walls or adding a mirror.

If you’re considering renovating your bathroom or any other room in your home, contact Ryan A. Jones & Associates today to help bring your vision to life.


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