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How To Elegantly Add Texture to Any Room

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There are several reasons why adding texture to a room can be aesthetically appealing. Texture helps to set the tone of a space, making it unique and inviting. But what exactly does adding texture to a room look like?

The answer is very broad. From furniture and textiles to objects and finishes, there is a wide range of ways you can elegantly add texture to any space. However, there is a balance that should be struck. If there is too little texture, space can feel unfinished or uninviting. But if a space has too much texture, it can feel cluttered and chaotic.

3 Ways to Elegantly Add Texture to Any Room

When it comes to adding texture to a room, it is all about the details. The following are three ways you can elegantly add texture to any space.

#1: Mix & match your textiles

Textiles are a simple yet effective way to add rich texture to a space. The key is to mix and match them. Textiles to consider mixing and matching include:

  • Area or accent rugs

  • Window treatments

  • Throw pillows

  • Blankets

  • Furniture upholstery

Evaluate what fabrics and materials you want to use for each textile. Perhaps you can try contrasting leather and velvet materials or silk and linen fabrics.

#2: Have fun with the finishes and materials

When you are designing a custom home or renovating a few spaces in your current home, you have plenty of opportunities to create lasting texture with your finishes and materials. You don’t have to stick with a pristine white wall.

You may want to think back to the 1950s and install a textured wall panel or even a fun wallpaper along an accent wall. Contrast your cabinetry, pulls, and countertop colors and materials. You may even ask your builder to leave a beam or two exposed or install faux beams.

add texture to a room

#3: Natural fibers for the ultimate coastal texture

In Vero Beach, we have a unique appreciation for coastal home design. This type of look is made possible by incorporating several natural, raw textures in any given space. Linens, wickers, leathers, and woods are all ways to make a space feel more coastal and add texture.

living room

Adding Texture to Your Custom Home

Texture covers a broad range of design elements, which can feel overwhelming. Striking the perfect textural balance in a space can be tricky.

Whether you are renovating a few rooms in your home or designing a custom home, at Ryan A. Jones and Associates, we can help you incorporate lasting, tasteful texture into your spaces.

As builders and renovators of luxury homes , we work with you to capture and interpret your unique vision. The finished product is a well-planned and coordinated home of your dreams that will be admired and enjoyed for years to come. Contact us today for a consultation!


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