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5 Rising Home Design Trends

home design trends

There are varying factors that affect how home design trends rise, peak, and change at any particular time. Some are simple to identify, such a persistent preference for traditional materials like wood and stone. Others are a little more speculative or unexpected, such as those coming as a result of a global pandemic.

In any case, home design trends can help us comprehend the prevailing social moods and inspire us as we make decisions for designing our own spaces.

Home Trends on the Rise

Here are five rising home trends that are currently at the forefront of popular design decisions.

#1 Bold Shades

Bold, vibrant shades are making a comeback in the design choices homeowners are making for wall colors, textiles, and accent pieces. The subtle, calming colors people craved in 2020 and throughout the pandemic are quickly being replaced as the appeal for more dynamic and interesting colors is taking the lead as a rising trend.

Specifically, designers and paint manufacturers are reporting that shades of green are in high demand as interior paint choices. One may speculate that is due to the desire to connect with nature and to bring the outdoors in, as biophilic design aims to do through natural materials and colors.

bold shades

#2 Statement-Making Mirrors

Mirrors can be beneficial beyond the obvious use of checking your reflection. They've developed into a popular technique to add visual interest to bare walls, fireplace mantels, furniture, and more.

Unexpected varieties, such as those with elaborate frames, asymmetrical proportions, or retro-inspired designs are seeing the highest increase in demand.

statement mirrors

#3 Curved Lines

Curved and rounded furniture is capturing a lot of attention this year as a trend that goes beyond modern design. Soft lines, arcs, and curves are becoming more prevalent in furniture collections from a wide range of providers. While the angular, geometric shapes that were common in furniture, patterns, and architecture in the past are less prevalent.

curved furniture

#4 Natural Materials

Natural materials don't typically go out of style, but they are currently extremely popular. The warm, layered appearance that so many of us desire can be achieved with the help of texture, and there has been a rise in accessories with a tactile component.

Additionally, tableware, wall art, lighting fixtures, and other items are beginning to feature carved, tufted, and fluted textures.

For a lively, aesthetically appealing room, try mixing contrasting textures, such as natural wood cabinets and stone tiles or countertops.

natural materials

#5 Mixing Old and New

Mixing antiques and older pieces with more contemporary designs, rather than buying brand new furniture, is becoming increasingly popular. The juxtaposition of old and new in a room creates interest and provide a layering effect.

Shopping vintage is more appealing than ever, particularly in light of supply-chain breakdowns and months-long backorders. Additionally, it has the advantage of providing opportunities for interesting conversations with guests about your travels or antiquing adventures.

mixing old and new

Considering Redesigning Your Home?

If you are feeling inspired to give your home a fresh new look, we are ready to bring your vision to life. At Ryan A. Jones and Associates, we stay on top of design trends and offer a comprehensive range of renovation and building services. Our experts understand the ins and outs of creating a home that suits your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


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