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4 Ways to Make a Windowless Bathroom Feel More Open

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The bathroom is typically one of the last rooms to be given valuable window space when designing the interior architecture of a home. Whether it’s a warm residential house, a sleek condo, a whimsical vacation home, or something in between, a windowless bathroom needs a special touch to keep the space from feeling confining.

Fortunately, many methods and designs exist today that allow homeowners to open up their windowless bathrooms.

How to Open Up your Windowless Bathroom

Here are four tried and true suggestions that you can implement for your windowless bathroom.

#1 Incorporate White

One of the easiest and most effective ways to reflect light is to use white throughout the space. White accessories and installations can be used in addition to wall paint. Get creative with where you incorporate white and add it with fresh crisp linens, soft rugs, flowers in a glass vase, and more.

Incorporate white tiles to help magnify or amplify the illumination that is present. This way, you effectively expand the spread of light and illumination within the space, as the tiles have a natural reflection to them.

white bathroom

#2 Use Glass and Lucite to Lighten Up the Space

Don’t use materials that absorb light when you are choosing your décor and accessories. The best materials for providing some character and drama without absorbing the much-needed light are polished metals, glass, mirrors, and Lucite.

With a small amount of color and transparent yet functional pieces, Lucite or glass are perfect materials for accessories. While glass is more delicate, either material is functional and can de-clutter your space. Using these materials will add interest without absorbing the needed light, all while making the space seem more uniform.

glass installments

#3 Reflect Light with Mirrors

Mirrors placed in unexpected locations can assist with enlarging the area and giving it a more vivid appearance, whether the bathroom is opulent or simple. A mirror can be used for closet doors or bathroom toe kicks to provide a distinctive look for homeowners.

Another tip is to swap out wooden doors or curtains with a glass door in addition to placing mirrors strategically in the space. In comparison to ordinary doors or curtains, this instantly creates more openness.

windowless bathroom

#4 Use a Floating Vanity

A small bathroom cabinet that is fastened to the wall is known as a floating vanity.

Perhaps you’ve considered whether a floating vanity is a good option for your bathroom renovation. They can be the ideal fixture for a smaller bathroom because they give the impression of spaciousness with their clean and straightforward design.

In contrast to more typical vanities, they frequently stop short of reaching the floor. They appear to be floating in space as a result of this. Recently, floating vanities have gained popularity and are excellent for enlarging a bathroom without windows.


Does Your Bathroom Need a Fresh New Look?

At Ryan A. Jones and Associates, we provide top-quality home renovation and construction services and the knowledge necessary for the successful planning, designing, permitting, and construction of your home. We are ready to use our expertise as builders and renovators of luxury homes to provide you with the best possible service.

Contact us to discuss your vision and how we can make it a reality.


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