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3 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Home Renovation

It is remarkable to see before and after pictures of home renovations that transform dated structures to modern marvels. What you don’t see in those photos are the stress and hiccups that likely surfaced throughout the process.

Like any complex process that has several moving parts, your home renovation should have a well-planned strategy to keep things on track. From permits and floor plans to unexpected dilemmas and material purchasing, there are certain things you should do and an equal number of things you shouldn’t do. To keep your home renovations running smoothly, here are a few simple steps you can follow.

#1 Hire a Pro

Your home is your haven, your comfort zone where you get to be vulnerable and relaxed. So you shouldn’t leave your home’s renovations to chance with an inexperienced architect, builder, or contractor. When putting your professional home renovation team together, make sure each party will be able to communicate effectively and amicably so that any potential problems get resolved as soon as possible.

Also, when you are meeting with potential professionals to hire, jot down a list of questions you have for them and even ask to see a portfolio of their recent work. At Ryan A. Jones & Associates, as expert builders and renovators of luxury homes, we provide our clients with the services and knowledge necessary for the successful planning, designing, permitting, and construction of your home.

#2 Plan & Prep for Contingencies

Having a comprehensive understanding of your project’s scope and budget is a great initial step for any work you have done to your home. But when you’re actually in the midst of renovating it, there are bound to be a few unexpected surprises—so make sure you plan for them in advance. Be prepared for the worst-case scenario by adding a 1-20% contingency to your renovating budget and timeline.

Hiring a team of professional contractors will help ensure your home renovations are completed correctly the first time, including the foundation, structure, waterproofing, and mechanicals, which are the fundamental elements of your home.

#3 Finalize Your Selections Early

It’s your home, so you can be as involved as you’d like when making your design selections (fixtures, finishes, appliances, etc.) No matter how involved you are, it’s important that you or your contractor finalize these selections earlier rather than later in the process.

These materials can take time to produce, so you don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute to choose a different design, material or pattern because the one you originally selected is out of stock or has a lengthy lead time. Likewise, you also want to acquire the necessary building permits well in advance of demolition day so your project can get started in a timely manner.

Start Your Home Renovation with Us

At Ryan A. Jones & Associates, we understand how important your home is to you. Here is what a couple of our clients have said about working with us:

“My wife and I hired Ryan Jones to do a total remodel of our home. Ryan and his company did an extraordinary job. Ryan kept in touch with us every step of the way, and the project moved along in a very timely manner. The quality of the workmanship was excellent, and we couldn't be happier with the end result. To this day, we trust Ryan to take care of our house when we are out of town. We highly recommend Ryan A. Jones & Assoc. to all our friends.” - Howard Katelman

“We have used Ryan Jones for 5 years to watch our home when we are away. Ryan and his team are extremely responsive and reliable. Based on our maintenance experience, we retained Ryan Jones to do a renovation to our home and have recommended them on several occasions. You will not be disappointed.” - Mike Neilson

We’ll work with you to capture and interpret your unique vision, creating a well-planned and coordinated home of your dreams that will be admired and enjoyed for years to come. Contact us today for a consultation!


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