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3 Tips to Create the Perfect Modern Coastal Dining Room

dining room vero beach

The dining room is typically a welcoming area where people congregate to socialize, unwind, and savor wonderful meals with friends and family.

There are so many options for enhancing your space by subtly utilizing modern coastal design in your current dining room décor. Mixing modern trends with traditional coastal components is a terrific way to liven up the dining room.

Adding Modern Coastal Elements to Your Dining Room

Modern coastal elements are simple to add to any home to achieve the light, minimal, and fresh affect people love about coastal design. Here are three tips to help you get started.

#1 Avoid Coastal Design from Days Gone By

There are many examples of what seaside design "should" look like, and many of them include seashells, beachy furniture, and curtains with fish-themed patterns. Don't, however, simply decorate your amazing dining room in the same coastal-themed garb you may have seen from decades past.

The modern coastal design approach is all about capturing the spirit of the beach without creating the feeling of going to a beach-themed party. Pay close attention to color and avoid the temptation to stick strictly to blue hues. Explore pale yellows, whites, and varying shades of green.

#2 Put a Modern Twist on Coastal Favorites

One of the most well-known patterns in coastal design is the classic ticking stripe. You'll get a beachy vibe just from looking at that print no matter what it’s connected to.

A classic option is to pair the pattern with some of the sleek, modern furniture that you likely already have in your home. For example, try using the print to recover your dining room chairs or use it as a layered effect in the form of a table runner for a simple modern coastal décor strategy.

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#3 Lean Into Linen

Few materials have the same enduring appeal for the coastal look as linen. The fabric is streamlined, plush, and adaptable, and in coastal soft shade of neutral colors like bright whites and toasty beiges, it should be able to “warm up” even your most modern pieces.

Ready to Renovate?

At Ryan A. Jones & Associates, we understand how important your home is to you. Our expertise as builders and renovators of luxury homes provides you with the services and knowledge necessary for the successful planning, designing, permitting, construction, and ongoing estate management of your home. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create your dream coastal dining room and so much more.


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