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3 Tips to Create an Outdoor Oasis for Spring

There is no better place to feel relaxed and at ease than at your home. Homeowners are increasingly finding unique ways to spruce up their spaces and create a cozy getaway feeling without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

While home interiors are transforming into multi-purpose entertainment and working spaces, the Florida year-round sunshine and warmer weather provides you with the perfect opportunity to create the outdoor oasis getaway you have always wanted.

“Houzz gathered the latest search insights from our community of U.S. homeowners and home professionals to identify top design trends during the coronavirus pandemic. The results reflect a desire to take advantage of outdoor spaces and a longing to transport themselves to a cozy getaway. There’s no better place to enjoy the fresh air than right in your backyard. Outdoor searches on Houzz have doubled, with spikes in searches for above-ground pools, outdoor chairs, outdoor pillows, hammocks, fire pits, and porch swings. People are also seeking shade, with searches for covered patios, outdoor umbrellas, gazebos, and pergolas all up.” - Houzz

The same study found that trending materials included batten and board siding, corrugated metal roofs, wicker, and wrought iron railings. Popular outdoor colors were burgundy, white and navy blue.

3 Tips to Create Your Outdoor Oasis

How do you even begin to create an outdoor oasis that truly transports you to the perfect getaway destination? There are plenty of ways to start, and the following are three quick, simple tips to help.

#1 Create a Sense of Privacy

When you are looking for some quality R & R getaway time, you typically want some exclusion. You can create that same sense of privacy in your own backyard with a little bit of help from large planters, green hedges, or curtains to section off the lanai from the rest of the backyard.

#2 Set the Mood

Lighting is just as important outside as it is inside your home. While the sun is the ultimate outdoor light source during the day, there are plenty of unique ambient lighting options to set the mood at night, such as tiki torches, string lighting, and even candles (which can also serve as a bug repellent), outdoor sconces, and even solar-powered light fixtures.

#3 Cozy Furniture

You should have comfortable seating options to fully soak-in your backyard views, ambient lighting, and privacy. Cozy-up your outdoor oasis with waterproof, plush seating options, rugs, and cushions.

Design an Outdoor Oasis for Your Home

There are a variety of surface-level ways to create an outdoor oasis for your home. At Ryan A. Jones & Associates, we understand how important your home is to you, and you should enjoy it to the fullest. As builders and renovators of luxury homes, we provide clients with the services and knowledge necessary for the successful planning, designing, permitting, construction, and ongoing estate management of your home.

If you are looking to build an outdoor oasis, renovate, or build a home from the ground-up, we are happy to work with you to capture and interpret your unique vision. Contact us today for a consultation.

From the beginning of the project to completion, we provide you with everything necessary to get the job done right, on time, and ensure your vision comes to life and exceeds your expectations. From a modern oceanfront home renovation to a coastal dream house new build, we utilize our extensive knowledge and unmatched capabilities to build you the dream home and outdoor oasis you've always envisioned.


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