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3 Summer Garden Ideas for Your Coastal Home

summer garden vero beach

Your home’s architectural design is gorgeous, its interior furnishings parallel your personal style, and everything about your home is perfect. But one thing is missing—a summer garden.

Coastal homes naturally tend to have scenic views and gorgeous landscapes, but there is something about enhancing it with a summer garden. From colors and placement, to layout and selections, the design options are endless. However, it should complement the ambiance and architectural design of your coastal home, helping you embrace the calmness and beauty of nature.

3 Ideas for Designing Your Summer Garden

Gardens foster cohesion between nature and lifestyle, so what will your summer garden’s purpose be for you?

vero beach gardening

Whether it is adding more floral variety and color to your landscaping or creating calming spaces to reflect in outside, there is a unique summer garden style for you.

The following are three inspiring summer garden ideas for your coastal home.

#1: Choose Serene Colors for Larger Landscapes

Oftentimes, florals in larger spaces can spiral out of control without a clearly defined design. From colors to size to placement, your summer garden can quickly feel chaotic rather than calming. One strategic design idea to combat this is to choose a few complementary colors or stick with one color and a few different shades of that color.

pink flowers for garden

#2: Smother Your Pergola with Florals

Pergolas have the unique ability to enhance gardens and add an element of romanticism. To elevate its design and purpose in your summer garden, consider covering it with climbing roses, honeysuckles, or passion flowers.

pergola with flowers

#3: Add Fragrant Aromas

Many fragrances are formed with naturally budding floral aromas. By strategically choosing and placing fragrant florals in your summer garden, you quickly enhance the view and the aroma.

To help avoid overcrowding the space, you may want to consider planting aromatic florals such as coreopsis, sedum, dianthus, or sweet alyssum.

coastal home garden

Helping You Design the Coastal Home You’ve Always Imagined

Summer gardens are beautiful additions to coastal homes and often require maintenance and care.

At Ryan A. Jones, we help our clients design and create the coastal homes they have always imagined. Contact us today to learn how we can help you capture, enjoy, and maintain the home of your dreams.

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