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3 Inspiring Design Ideas for the Ultimate Bedscape

Have you ever walked into a room and felt relaxed or even inspired? The ambiance of a room can transform your mood, perspective, and psyche.

“The ambiance of the interior space affects the users’ behaviors and perception of that place by influencing their emotional situation. In this context, it is believed that the various physical components including light and color have a great importance on the environmental characteristics of space...” - Sage Journals.

Your bedroom is responsible for a few more functions than providing a comfortable space for you to sleep. Whether you want to create a somber space for winding down or a bright and light space to prepare for an energetic morning, your bedroom’s ambiance and design plays a big role.

3 Ideas to Create the Ultimate Bedscape

Whether you have a headboard or not, there are plenty of design opportunities for the wall behind your bed.

Here are three ways to maximize that space by adding some personality and creating the ideal bedroom ambiance for you.

#1 Dimly lit or brightly energetic

Lighting plays a large role in setting the mood of a room. Whether you are trying to create a somber ambiance or make a statement, your lighting choices and placements are key.

Whether you opt for bedside sconces or nightstand lamps, you can make a statement and illuminate the room while accentuating your bedscape.

#2 Artistic vision and textile pops

Unless your headboard already occupies the space behind the bed, there are plenty of opportunities for that wall to truly capture the design and personality of the room.

Here are a few ideas to experiment with behind your bed:

  • Hang a fun textile or curtain to create an artistic design with texture

  • Organize photos and picture frames to design a tasteful collage of memories or travel destinations

  • Put up a stunning statement piece or large canvas

  • Apply an adhesive wallpaper to the middle of the wall, breaking up the space and adding color or design to a plain wall

#3 Tabletop selections

Nightstands can be multi-functional. They can offer more than just holding a vase of flowers or picture frame.

These tables accentuate your bedscape and can house your bedtime reading book, lamps, alarm clocks, docking stations for your electronics, and much more.

Interior designers can help you design and choose the home decor best suited for your tastes and lifestyle. But sometimes the shell and floor plan of your bedroom does not allow for you to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Perhaps the window does not allow for the best illumination or your bedroom layout does not accommodate your lifestyle and furniture needs.

That is when hiring a renovation and construction expert like the team at Ryan A. Jones & Associates can help. Contact us today to learn how.


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